Virtual Training

1 To 1

As a Virtual Training Client, you benefit from tailored 1 to 1 sessions delivered digitally,
as well as…

  • Lifestyle & food diary analysis
  • Personalised nutrition plan
  • Macro calculated recipes with MyFitnessPal barcodes for easy tracking delivered monthly
  • Regular check-ins with feedback and ongoing accountability
  • Choose to train in 1 hour or 30 minute sessions
  • Train 1 to 1 wherever you are in the world via your preferred digital platform (WhatsApp / Skype / Google Hangouts / Jitsi etc.)
  • First Session Free!

Why Choose Virtual Training?

Simply put, virtual training gives you many of the benefits of face to face personal training, but with more convenience.

I can create and guide you through a program based on your goals, the equipment you have and the space available to you. If you don’t have any equipment, don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to exercise with just your bodyweight and/or some tins of food and a shopping bag!

With Virtual Training, I may not physically be in the room with you, but I will be on screen making sure technique is correct and effort levels are where they need to be.

Virtual Training Prices

Available as monthly subscriptions or pay as you go. Choose to use your time in 60 or 30 minute sessions.

Train Cheaper With A Subscription

If you are happy to commit to at least 3 months Personal Training, subscriptions are a more affordable option to buying blocks

£40 p/hr*

1 Session p/wk

£175 p/mth

£36 p/hr*

2 Sessions p/wk

£300 p/mth

£33 p/hr*

3 Sessions p/wk

£425 p/mth

*Per session prices are based on an average of 4.33 weeks per month

Block Buy Sessions

Choose a block of 6, 12 or 18 sessions to be used when you want over a period of 12 months

£45 p/hr

6 Sessions


£42.50 p/hr

12 Sessions


£40 p/hr

18 Sessions


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